Montreal and San Fransisco on Film

Montreal and San Fransisco on Film

It’s been an oddly busy summer here. We recently made two quick trips – first to Montreal, a lovely city with amazing food that I very much want to go to again when they aren’t experiencing record heat. So hot, in fact, my plans to take photos at the Mount Royal Cemetery were thwarted. (We did at least stop at the scenic overlook though.)

Then just two weeks later we went to a beautiful family wedding in Marin, California. Since we were flying in and out of San Francisco anyway, I insisted we tack on an extra day to see the city. More great food and drinks and the weather was much more to my liking!

Still working on my backlog of negatives to scan, but here are a few of my favorite from the first batch. First, Montreal:

2016_Mini_001 2016_Mini_013 2016_Isolette_Montreal_003 2016_Isolette_Montreal_008 2016_Isolette_Montreal_010

And San Francisco:

2016_Isolette_SF_022 2016_Isolette_SF_003 2016_Isolette_SF_006 2016_Isolette_SF_016 2016_Isolette_SF_017

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