Experiment: Cyanotypes

Experiment: Cyanotypes

I first learned how to do cyanotypes from a great class I took at the (dear, departed) Corcoran College of Art + Design four years ago. After the class, I tried doing some at home and completely failed. I’m still not sure why, but not a single thing came out. And I put it all away until a few weeks ago.

These are just a first attempt to get back into cyanotype printing. Lessons learned:

  • Coat the paper once, then let dry then, coat again instead of just applying as much as possible in one step (I wound up with damp, streaky paper)
  • A sunny Virginia day means start timing exposures at 5 minutes (not 15!)

I need to make some time soon for attempt number 2 – and update this blog weekly as I originally intended. Busy summer is no excuse!

2016_002 2016_003


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